Tool - Fear inoculum

Tool is THE band de ma jeunesse, so to see them again after 15 years without an album is a joy not to hide, I'm not hiding it. This album reminds me a lot of things about my discovery of this band where I took "Aenima" from the media library in my small town by mistake and, come to think of it, it reminded me how much our relationship to music has to change.
This “Fear inoculum” and “Tool” in general is the perfect example of the “disposable” side of music today. It is typically the kind of band whose titles are seized only after many listening, but everyone was eager to give their opinion within 24 hours after their release ...

We can't really blame it, it's like that today and we have to deal with it, we can no longer take our time, because if we wait even a week after the release, everyone has already gone to something else.
Suddenly, without listening in depth, we quickly find ourselves with reviews that speak of this album as "B sides of the one before" ...
If a few riffs can give this impression, it is above all a reference, but this riff is 5 seconds on a track of more than 10 minutes for a band that approaches their music in a totally different way.

It's over the fact of having to go to your record store to order an album,waithing two weeks to receive it. Now we are in the era of streaming, Deezer, Spotify and so on, the album comes out, we listen to it and we move on, because we have too much to listen to or see. . We have access to everyone, everywhere, all the time, immediately and if it is a good thing on paper (access to culture, blah blah blah ...), I personally make a bitter report. .

We are in the area of influencers and we will give more importance to the opinion of someone known on the net who expresses himself first on a subject, it's like that ...
The concerts have become Instagram spots, we listen to bands for the image it gives us, we fight to go to Hellfest to say "I was there" and not for the music, since you take your seats there blind, ect.

As said before, music and culture in general has become disposable and the result can be seen with this album. Few took the time to really discover it, to take the time to listen to it in different conditions, to listen to old albums to compare ... It was an expected album, people wanted an opinion and it was necessary go fast, so you were fast, that's how it works today.