Fields of Næcluda - Half Live

I receive links almost every day to listen to and / or download albums from totally unknown bands. As much as possible, I listen out of curiosity and it is often not famous, let's be honest, but we are not immune to a good surprise.
And since I'm a very predictable person, we can imagine that if I'm talking about this record, it's because it's one of those good surprises (yes, it's astonishing)!

Entirely live and recording at the "Salle noire" in Grenoble, "Fields of Næcluda" mixes genres and is very well inspired by "Nino Ferrer" or "Make you blind" flies away like "L'arbre noir", but also of "Khoma" in his voice as on "Elysium".
With very progressive rock vibes from the end of the 90s, early 2000 like "To the vanishing point" ("Only ashes remain") mingle with metal influences that "Katatonia" would not have denied.

I still blame a singer who is a little nasal at times (but nothing excessive, we are very far from the cliché of Californian melo punk).
Half an hour is a bit short, but enough to see the potential of the band and realize that you have to keep an eye on it.
It remains to be seen what it will give in the future, wait, "Half Live" is at free price on Bandcamp.