Feeder - Picture of perfect youth

Today is the seventeen years and four months (and a few days) of the release of "Picture of perfect youth" from "Feeder!
Yes, I too want to celebrate a random anniversary of an album to fill in like some of my colleagues.
Still, celebrating the fifteenth or twentieth anniversary of a record by taking a fresh look at it, it could be cool, that a reviewer talks about an album released the day of his birth on his birthday too, but why celebrate the 12 years without anything more than a vague news, it's a bit succumbed to the ease, no?
In addition, it allows to see that you repeat each other...
When a site does it for a band, all the others do the same with the same group and it spreads like COVID 19 in an evangelical gathering, make an effort, fuck!

Afterwards, I confess that I took a random album, as it wasn't really a birthday and I find it even funnier to have come across a compilation of rarities and b-sides.
It's also cool to be able to talk about one of the most underrated bands in English rock with "Feeder" and a record that represents everything the band did between 1997 and 2003.
Even if a lot of people must know the cover of "Comfort In Sound", it is far from being one of the most quoted bands and wrongly so.

Just for the angry rock side of "Bullet" or the cover of "The Police" with "Can't Stand Losing You", the acoustic pop of "Rain" and the very "Foo Fighters" influences of "Here in the bibble", "Feeder" renews its influences without ever losing its identity.
So "Picture of perfect youth" is a very good gateway to discover a band that deserves more than the esteem success they currently have.

Anyway, all this to tell you two things, first you have to listen to "Feeder" and second, if you want to celebrate an album release, do it to highlight bands that have gone under the radar or to remind you that culture doesn't have an expiration date so do something more useful than an old-fashioned news to get some likes on Twitter.