Envy - The fallen crimson

Know how to renew without getting lost.
It is not uncommon to see bands which, by trying not to go around in circles, end up no longer looking alike. Whether it's "Linkin park" or "Bring me the horizon", their evolution has made bands totally different, to the point of losing their original audience (to, perhaps, gain a new one).

Some bands, like "Lofofora" or, in this case, "Envy", manage to remain themselves, but never release two identical albums.
"The Fallen Crimson" is in this line by recognizing the group at the first riff, while bringing its lot of new things.

With a renewal of line up, the band also renews these influences and if the rock post à la "Mogwai" has long been an integral part of "Envy", that of "God is an astronaut" comes to make its appearance with the female voice on titles like "A faint new world".
And by exploring new horizons and remaining themselves, the band also knows how to look back and go back to basics and those, from the first track "Statemet of freedom" which could have been found on the album with extended title, "All the footprints you've ever left and the fear expecting ahead" without denoting.

With "The fallen crimson", we are not in full discovery of unknown lands, but in the exploration of new lands of a place already conquered and it is a real success.
Personally, I see it as confirmation from a band that shows us that they always have things to say and to offer without feeling obliged to wipe out their past.